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A new top coat of finish may be all your hardwood floor needs. If your floor has lost its shine or developed light surface scratches over the past few years, a new coat of finish can bring back the beautiful luster your floor used to have as well as preserve and protect your investment.

A top coat of finish is a cleaner and less expensive alternative to refinishing your hardwood floors. Industry experts recommend top coating hardwood floors every 3 to5 years depending on the location of the flooring and the number of people living in the home. In most cases, a top coat of finish takes just a day to apply and requires no foot traffic for overnight.

No Dust is another advantage of top coating vs. refinishing your hardwood floors. Because there is just a light sanding prior to applying a top coat of finish, there is minimal dust left behind.

If done a regular basis, a top coat of finish can extend the number of years until you floor requires refinishing. Regular top coating can also add years of life to your hardwood floor. There is a limit to the number of times a hardwood floor can be refinished. All things considered, a top coat can save you thousands of dollars as well as prolong the more disruptive refinishing process.